Vented Gas cap that's not crap

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    to my brain trust:

    I bought a replacement tabbed gas cap (that appeared to be vented, but i still vapor locked) from Ebay. I drilled a hole in the cap, which seemed to do the trick, so long as i don't hot dog around and slosh fuel out of the hole.

    My problem is with the rubber gasket seal. it's warping and failing on me, fuel spilling out from underneath the cap. Is there a simple fix, can I buy new rubber gaskets to replace? or better yet, cork?

    Is there a better Whizzer gas cap?

  2. k-wad

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    I haven't seen just the gaskets for sale (usually have to buy a whole new cap to get one).
    However, you can purchase rubberized cork gasket material at most auto parts stores. It comes in roughly 12" square sheets.
    Just use the original gasket as a template and cut a new one out with a x-acto knife.
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    I usually make a gasket from a cereal box using an exacto knife. I find a cup[?] that matches the outer circumference then outline it with a pen then cut, same for the inner circle. It works, may have to bend the tabs a little to get a tighter fit.
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    don't fill your tank so high
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    I saw a thread somewhere about fuel sloshing out the vent hole. Whoever it was cut a piece of thin plastic to fit around the perimeter inside the cap to cover the hole, and made notches around the edges of the plastic to let air flow worked for him
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    Gas cap fix

    I got this fix from Quenton at the Portland show yesterday and it worked for me. Take a screw driver and pry up the 2 metal tabs inside and remove the blue plastic thing along with a metal ring. Bend tabs back in so to not interfere with putting the cap on.
    Took Black Beauty on 10 mile drive with no problems and no rushing air noise when I removed the cap after the ride! IMG_20140720_140709.jpg IMG_20140720_140655.jpg IMG_20140720_140647.jpg
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    Thanks Chris for taking the time to take and post pictures for everyone.

    Last month's article in the Whizzer Newsletter was about gas caps for new edition and vintage Whizzers.

    Anyone with a Whizzer should subscribe.

    Have fun,
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    I thought id add some to this thread, with a 2002 whizzer tank, and a 1947 vintage tank.
    The 02 has a taller filler neck than the 47.


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    The gas caps are also different, new edition cap is taller from the inside.

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    I spent some time over at Ron Houk's place this weekend and we talked about the caps and tanks, with the vintage tanks some of the problems can be when gas was being placed, the gas nozzel could have bent the area where one of the sides held down the gas cap tab.

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    Also, I make my own donut(sealer) from gasket materials.


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