Vero Beach, Florida Suncruiser

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  1. PatNoPed

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    Hey fellow road warriors!
    My name is Patrick and this is my first motor bike. My local mechanic is building motor bikes and they're selling pretty fast. He installed this engine on my beach cruiser. I painted the tank during the install. The bicycle is an XYZ Deluxe Cruiser and the engine is a Power King "49cc." It sure feels stronger... It's day 2 and I've got just over 60 miles on the odometer. I'm keeping it light on the throttle for break in, but I've goosed it to 25mph a few times. Too much fun, I can't wait to start modifying! See y'all on A1A!

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  2. hellbilly

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    I bet you will have a blast cruisin that down by the water. At least you have nice weather all year. Have fun with it!!
  3. Nice looking bike. Welcome neighbor from Sebastian....
  4. PatNoPed

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    That's what I've been doin for the past 2 days. The surf is flat but there's plenty of eye candy! :evil: The weather is great till about 3pm when the afternoon storms roll through. I had to hide out from a big storm today for over an hour. When I got home, the lightning had fried our lil kitchen flat screen and tripped all the breakers.
  5. Dub

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    Nice paint job. I'm out in Souther AZ at the moment but will return to MLB in a few months. Can't wait to cruise the causeways and A1A

  6. Im afraid we are going to see alot of that till the water level comes back up and helps FPL with their grounding coils. I have had tv's explode, just burn out the on/off switch, smoked the wall socket. But we have nice weather lol..
  7. alex

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    Beautiful bike, beautiful place to ride it, welcome from Sarasota County.
  8. navery

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    Welcome! i'm In melbourne Fl. Great paint job. i'll look for you in the ride together in fl thread!