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  1. Thufir

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    The main reason I'm considering a friction drive is to minimize the impact on the bicycle. How does a friction drive compare in that regards?

  2. Oysterville

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    The only impact is on the tires, really.
  3. mbatl

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    The FD basically puts the stress of torque and weight on the tire. Other systems are bending, pulling, twisting, and inducing fatigue on vital parts not meant for it.

    I stopped using gear systems because I was spending considerably more time fiddling with it and not enjoying the money I spent, and having to keep buying upgrades for a flawed system.

    The FD I have has allowed me to use it as reliable transportation and allows me to focus on traffic, not the chains and gears churning under me.
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  4. Thufir

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    Interesting that, in your experience, the low-tech FD is more reliable.
  5. mbatl

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    Well the low-tech FD is very simple with less things involved, and therefore less things to go wrong.

    BTW, reliable chain kits are probably good, but my bad experience was with the HT that always had me adjusting, fixing and fiddling with it and I couldn't trust it to actually use to far from home. With the 4stroke FD, I'm only limited due to the 22oz(?) tank and the standard seat that hurts.
  6. Thufir

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  7. vegaspaddy

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    Ht = China Doll =

    All Those Little 2 Stroke In Frame Engines, These Were Probably The Birth Of Motorized Biking And It Has Come A Long Way Since Then....

    But If You Love To Tinker And Want To Learn How To Build, And Setup Small Engines You Can Take These Things Aprt To Your Hearts Content.......
  8. GearNut

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    Ht= Happy Times
    China Doll
    Grubee style 2 stroke engine.
  9. keatonx

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    I was building a small go cart with a weed eater. The chain drive wouldnt stop wasting my time. I tried 3 different types of chain tensioners and bought a 20 dollar sprocket off SBP for it! Ive been working on it for over 2 months and havent had any success, so i might build a FD minibike to save time and $.
  10. unior

    unior Member

    Chains are for the birds. I wrecked hardcore because of a chain before.
  11. loquin

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    Whit kind of kit was your chain drive, unior? If you use a drive with a freewheel at the axle sprocket, a jammed chain doesn't necessarily lock up the the rear wheel...
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