Very alternative energy sources!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fastboy9, May 19, 2008.

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    Was searching youtube the other day and found some of these crazy ideas for other methods of propelling a bicycle, its crazy the lengths some people will go to to avoid excersise :p

    The drill powered bike

    and heres some pics to get you thinking about building your own!


    Why not an air powered bike?

    and heres some instructions on how to build your own!

    Just thinking outside the box.....
    Any other ideas? What ever did happen to Haggards jet power trike? last we heard from him he was talking about building it and haven't heard from him since.


  2. Does anyone make a gas drill?

    And where is the saddle on that air bike?
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    It looked like he had layed a rug over the air tank and laid on it! not sure I would like the idea of that with those sort of pressures. :-s
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    GOOD LAWD !! Another way to get " carpet burns !"