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    This is my first motorized bicycle
    I have a couple scooters I ride so im not new to that sort of thing, and in the past ive owned many types of motorcycles.

    Figured I would try one of these out. Im sure I got a cheap eninge, and bike. Im only into this under $500 which in the scooter world is a set of front shocks

    New beach cruiser coming in any day so I wont post pics until it shows, since I had 2 colors to choose from. I did get the engine locally new so I have pics of that.


    Also a set of brakes and levers too

  2. SdCruizer

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    Well got the bike in today and got it about 90% built
    it runs I just need to finish the front brake, some wiring
    few little things
    Just wanted to get it running to start breaking it in

    Started right up, only the idle was set super low
    I never built anything like this and had very little instructions
    Ive seen some come with some mine had none

    The rear wheel beat me down, took like 4 hours to get the sprocket set, and ground out
    Wish I had a lathe

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    Saw the youtube, that is a really nice looking bike, and the black motor on white frame makes it look neat to

    All the Best.

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    Ran into my first issue
    was hauling butt trying to get over into a left turn lane when all of a sudden the engine cut out. For a second I thought I seized but I could hear it turning as it died

    Pedaled through the intersection and it wouldnt start
    Turned out the plug cap was loose. I pull it off and a brass plug is stuck on my spark plug. The internals came out.

    Pushed it on and started up. Called the guy I got the kit from and he said thats common, just glue it in. I did but the glue took away the wire to metal contact. Of course I couldnt pull it out as its glued very well.

    Found a old scooter I had too the boot off. It uses a large coil of spring with an end that presses into the plug wire. So I got that put on, have to use the little threaded cap now on my spark plug for that wire to fit but runs great now.

    Only issue so far.
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    Another issue
    Went riding at night thankfully only around the block when the clutch screw fell out of my lever. So I had 3/4 clutch engaged somehow. Had to hold the lever on the engine and get home without stopping. I just didnt want to push it back home

    Got some more parts, enhanced clutch pads not those rubber types
    new headlight 700 lumens, new fuel line, ngk spark plug and automobile spark plug wire since just to make sure im not going to run into anymore problems with that.


    waiting on a few more parts, some for the carb and a dual brake lever
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    Got more parts in today
    Added a larger air filter, did get 2 jets for it
    Tried the 74 at first, seemed to lack in top speed
    didnt bog enough like ive felt on scooters but maybe I just didnt go too large at first
    tried the 72 and it seemed to run like normal, so I will keep it there and check the plug
    From what I can figure out stock is a 70

    At first the filter was too large to fit so I cut down the metal intake a touch
    then bent in the bottom half of the filter and it fit, but after tightening it all up it fits great, even though the bottom is bent inwards a little
    but this way it comes out if I take the intake off

    Put on the dual brake lever, and a centerstand
    Not sure how to adjust the brake lever or which line goes where
    But it does stop me

    Found my exhaust gasket was blown thats there the mystery oil was coming from
    I made my own but did order a better one too
    Put on a 1/2 link to get a little more slack ended up giving me too much but I was able to tighten the pedal chain better now so it wont pop off and realign the wheel better now too

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  9. SdCruizer

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    Had time to really go through all the jets and get some top speed runs
    Looks like the 74 jet is the slowest, the stock jet is the fastest
    Now without spending any time with the needle I can conclude the stock would be a little leaner the 74 richer
    So im sticking with the 72
    The top speeds were only 1 mph difference not anything drastic between stock and 74 jet

    The test was done on a new mix of 25:1 which I plan on keeping it there from now on. Using Motul oil.

    Also got some miles on a new tensioner, so far well worth the money
    I was able to loose my 1/2 link and also recenter the tire slightly better
    also everything really rolls smoothly and its cut down the noise drastically from the solid plastic roller


    I made the mistake of oiling my chain, ive spent the last 3 days cleaning oil off the white paint job and it just keeps coming out of the links, even when I wipe it down 20 times with a rag
    I just used motor oil

    Put on a really nice tensioner

    Also not pictured ive changed all but 2 screws to black allen's
    going to a store to find the 2 that hold the engine case together
    way better then the flat heads it came with, they felt to be aluminum screws too
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    So only have a couple more parts coming in, cen clutch, wider pedals and different sprocket clamp

    Just got a new pipe, alot quieter

  11. BoltsMissing

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    Looking great. That's how it is with these things, patience, do it right and process of elimination.
    Is that chain tensioner your own or after-market as a complete part?

    With chain lube I found what works for my MB is chain lube in spray can I get at go-cart shops. It's sticky like goo,can still get messy.

    All the Best
  12. SdCruizer

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    I bought the tensioner $100 I think pirate cycles was the place
    really keeps the chain quiet
    I have problems with the master link rubbing a groove on the tensioner (the pin side not the clip), because it mounts next to the sprocket but I asked and they said it will be covered under warranty if it breaks
    They said they use 410 industrial chain I think not whatever these kits come with. Maybe that type of chain is thinner. I would think since its not noted in the sale maybe they should post that tip, or at least make it compatible with the chain these kits come with
    Its only 1mm deep at the most nothing to worry about, yet

    also I had the clip come off 2 times on the master link. Not sure if the rubbing caused it but now I took out the master link and its perm attached
    So now the rubbing wont happen anymore either
  13. BoltsMissing

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    Try putting the clip on the other way round, so if you rotate the back wheel as going forward, make sure the clips open end is opposite, so when it rubs on anything, it's forward motion won't clip it off.

    As with chains, yeah well I use after market after run-in.

    The one's I use are
    "KOOL" XX TREME Freestyle
    K910 100L

    100L = 100 links

    You need to buy 2 boxes because not enough links sometimes
    I buy them in 3's to get a discount.
    Sacrifice 1 box for the extra links and the other 2 boxes go to whatever bike I was building. Unless they do special orders with 120 Links.
    Never had a problem with constant stretching and super smooth.

    However, my bike dealer sometimes finds it bit hard to re-order, but usually gets through.
  14. SdCruizer

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    I had link on both directions, since it fell off twice
    so not sure why it kept coming off
    but its gone now so its not a big deal
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    I installed a cen clutch. I like how it works but im wondering how it affects performance with all that extra weight on the crankshaft. Its really noisy at idle, the bell seems a hair loose. Running its quiet.
    Had to bend the crank out by hand with a torch to clear the cover.

    So I had to replace my tank the other day, the mount broke again so after fixing it I guess I tightened the tank bolts too much one stud started to leak.

    I got a new tank, new mounts and redid the whole design. I added grommets to help with the vibes too. Only at super top speed do I hear it, so it lets me know im maxed out.

    Tired again with my cns clone carb and had to jet down in size to get it to run properly. So far I have better acceleration and gained top speed. Was able to shoehorn it in using the stock manifold and modding the filter, im not sure if it changes the way air flows I dont think so but I have no idea. I bought an offest intake but I cant bolt the flange and the carb looked to hit the frame too.
    Will have to do more testing on the carb and check my plug before im satisfied.

    Im not sure what to do with the nipples on the carb, ive seen some pics with one of them capped, some pics with them all loose so im not sure.

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