Very Happy with RT carb from ThatsDax

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bzura, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Bzura

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    I needed a few small things for a couple of bikes I built so I decided to order from thatsdax so I could get an RT carb & save on shipping for everything. I always rode with the stock carbs that came with 66cc HT's, and I never know how much of a difference a better carb & right jet would make.

    I installed the carb on my own bike that was running very good. I port-matched the intake & exhaust as good as possible, milled tho head & top of cylinder, and removed all over-cast slop in all 4 ports & where applicable. It was running a LOT better that a plain old stock HT, but with the new carb it ran smoother, sounded better & had more torque as well as speed.

    I took the afternoon & tried different jets out. I'm not sure what the stock jet size is, but after trying them all out I could clearly see the 60 jet was the best performer. The 65 ran pretty good, but there was still a bit too much 4-stroking. With the 60 it only 4-strokes a little in high rpm's.

    The throttle response is also improved with the new carb, and there is more of a crisp feel to it now as well. I can not say enough good things about the RT. Also, Thatsdax is a class act too. Took a few days for them to even get the merchandise packed up & shipped, but it still arrived 5 days after I ordered it.

  2. jaguar

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    Anything is tons better than the stock carb which doesnt even have a separate idle mixture circuit.
  3. Waxxumus

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    What fuel Mix are you running, and what spark plug are you using to keep it from leaning out too much. Ive got a .70 i put in mine, it gets up to only 20-24 mph, and it 2 strokes through low and mid easily, but the high end 4 strokes.
    Plug ends up rich if run low/mid for long periods.
    And the plug ends up lean if held at above 3/4th throttle for more than 5 mins or so.
    Could i theoretically put a leaner jet in? or should I put a hotter spark plug in?
  4. jaguar

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    > it 2 strokes through low and mid easily

    ?WTF, it is a 2 stroke engine!

    >but the high end 4 strokes. And the plug ends up lean if held at above 3/4th throttle for more than 5 mins or so.

    ?WTF, 4 stroking is a too rich condition but then you say the plug shows a lean condition. Can't be both.
  5. Waxxumus

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    Thats right. It has to be leaned out to properly 2 stroke, but once it reaches the high end it appears to be too rich. If i put a .05 lower jet on the carb, it gets too lean and almost immediately turns the plug whitish.
  6. Waxxumus

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    im running a .70 but, im not sure, maybe the plug just needs to be colder and the jet leaner