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    Hello im new to here and ive got a important question. On easter i was riding a green hornet made by pacific cycles. It was brand new maybe had 20 miles if that on it. I was out riding and on my way back to my house to get ready for dinner at 7 and the next thing i know im getting put in a ambulance and getting rushed to the hospital. I really dont remeber what happend but what happend to the bike is the piping the hooks to the forks and up to the handle bars well that piece of metal just broke in half. The people that saw it happen said i was just riding alone and my front wheel just fell off and i hit the pavment and when they got to me i was having convolsions. I have road rash from head to toe and a concusion and brusies and swelled face along with racoon eyes. I am pretty messed up because of this. Any way i was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this happening and what does everyone think i should do about this?

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    man that sucks... happy to hear you are ok. Where did you get the bike??
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    It was actually my neighbors he is older and could not pedel it to get it started and gave it to me. He bought it brand new. The bike might of had 20 miles on it. He brought me over the paper work to it and the book on it says pacific cycles it says they are from wisconson but i think he bought it from a dealer or something out of hollwood flordia. At least thats what the reciept said.
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    Man thats a bummer

    But you know what they will say...


    HEY Saterday I was putting air in the tires of my power washer and BAM!!!
    the wheel blew to pieces not the tube or tire just the plastic wheel.
    2 big chunks of plastic slamed into my hands it felt like somebody hit both of my hands with a hammer at the same time !!!!! I was on the ice bags the rest of the day.. i was lucky just brused not broken..

    Yeaterday I was Looking on the internet for problems with my devilbiss power washer and sure enough people all over the country are getting hurt by these wheels and they are on porter cable air compressers and about 7-8 different brands of power washers. There have been over 100 injury reports and they are on the consumer protection agencys web site..

    So be careful when you are using that cheap chinese carp !!!!!!!!!
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    if they will put lead in children toys, they will sell you exploding tires.
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    Then theres that Pet Food thing !!!!!!!!
    Just wait till they start making cars !!!!!!
    You think toyota got problems !!!!!

    Did you see the latest about the Lexas SUV's it seem they just figured out the SUV's can roll over !!!! Wow what a concept !!!!

    Diden't ford figure that out first, they allways have a better idea !!!