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    Hello all; I'm super new at this. Don't even have a motorized bike...yet. Didn't even realize they existed on a scale large enough to have a forum about them.

    I live in the Daytona Beach (FL) area....Port Orange to be exact.

    Would really like to purchase my first bike, I think. From what I can see, I'll probably learn plenty that way. Also, I'm unless I can build one pretty quickly for around $200, I think I'll stick to a purchase for my first one. I'm a bit handy (BIT being the key word) but NOT overly by any means. My tools are sketchy at best. So this is another reason to start with the lazy 'way out'.

    I saw a motor kit on Craig's list for $200....scary...even though it says that it comes with detailed instructions.

    So, could someone either talk me into how I should go with the engine kit...or please point me in the correct direction to pick up either a used bike, in my area, or other advice on getting started.

    I have ONLY $200 - $300max to spend.

    Thanks in advance; And nice to meet you all! :cool2: