Very special lifters for New Edition Whizzers

Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
Outer Banks North Carolina
Due to poor design most new edition Whizzers need special lifters. When the NE motor was released in late 2004, the camshaft had a higher lift. The higher lift camshaft caused the small 10 MM lifters to "cut" the camshaft lobes in a very short amount of miles. The vendor in Taiwan, in order to save money, simply softened the stock lifters to shift the wear from the camshaft lobes to the lifters. Sadly this was simply a delay in future motor problems.

The solution was simple, and when the vendor ran out of original lifters, did in fact copy my solution to the problem. however he just couldn't make it identical to my lifters [not sure why, as I donated the information at no cost].

The vendor made them WRONG, were way too heavy, base was often cut at an angle [a bad idea], and were soft. The lifters could however be upgraded to work correctly.

Due to demand, we contracted several American companies to produce quality "mushroom" lifters to help keep the Whizzers running. The first set was made by a company in VA, and we quickly sold out the entire 100 sets produced.

In order to improve the lifters we had a company in CA make a small run of chromoly mushroom lifters to help a few more Whizzer owners keep their bikes in working order.

The lifters are strong, light, and well made. The base is 1/2" wide and stops the lifters from "dancing" down the lobes. The wider base keeps the valves open longer at the peak of the lobe, and enhances the performance as well as makes the valve train bullet proof. The mushroom lifters are a must on all NE motors and also increases the performance on the earlier WC-1 motors.

Fair warning!!!!! only 40 sets were made, and is unlikely we will make more in the future.

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Ok will do. I tried to send pictures of the work being done on your cylinder but the email bounced back. I must have written it down wrong, sorry. I will post a few pictures on this post later today.

I modified another WC-1 cylinder [one I had in stock] with loose seats and the new method appeared to make them secure.

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