Very Special Whizzer Cylinder

Recently I located a small quanity [6] of EARLY NE cylinders to modify. There are a few more but I purchased the "best of the lot" and I don't know if I will continue to re-work the early NE cylinders. Sadly for the "hot rod" crowd the current production NE cylinder is much harder to extract power because of the intake port length, angle, & I.D., and the shape of the exhaust port. The current production NE cylinder can be modified to "almost" match the early cylinder, but takes a lot more labor to do so. Now it should be clear why the EARLY NE cylinder is so much in demand, and is used by all the "go fast" Whizzer collectors.
I average over 6 hours per cylinder to modify. The process includes decking the cylinder to remove the tool marks made during the milling process, re-cutting the 45 degree angle on the valve seats, milling the intake port to 1" I.D., maching a 1" aluminum pipe [larger O.D. than tubing] to press fit the intake port, changing the I.D. on the aluminum pipe [20.8MM, 55/64", or 7/8"] to match different carburetors, reshaping & polishing the intake valve pocket to match the sleeve, lapping the valves, liquid test the valves, reshaping & polishing the exhaust port [rounding the top of port], machine aluminum rod to make special oil deflector system and install in cylinder, paint cylinder with heat cylinder paint, shim valve springs, & install special H.D. progressive valve springs.
Cylinder #83, #84, #86, #87, & #88 with the 20.8MM intake port will be offered at the same price . Modified early NE cylinder #85 & #89 will be offered for $20.00 more because of additional labor involved. Cylinder #85 has a tapered intake port starting at 22MM at the entrance of the port to 20.8MM at the valve pocket. Only 6 cylinders have been modified this way, and the advantage is worth the difference because the stock 22 MM carburetor matches the entrance to the port and the fuel/air is gradually reduced [compressed] to match the 20.8MM valve seat I.D. #89 has a special I.D. of .859" and hand sanded to .866" which has proven to perform well with either the 22MM or 26MM carburetor. #89 allows maximum flow [22MM] and reduces the intake I.D. at the valve seat [20.8MM]. These cylinders will fit all new generation Whizzers [1999 to present], and are a direct replacement for all NE motors [late 2004 to present]. If used on the earlier WC-1 motor, the head & exhaust manifold will also need to be replaced.
I do this as a hobby, and only offer these special cylinders to share the fun of having a little extra power when needed. Sure is nice to go up that hill [mountain] with the twist of the throttle. It has taken 3 years to aquire and modify less than 90 cylinders, so don't miss the chance to add a little "punch" to your Whizzer. PM me if you want prices.
Happy New Year,
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Hi Jim, I seem to be having major problems with my computer. I remember you sending a message about the cylinders and you desire to change to the NE before the WC-1 motor developed problems. I remember sending a reply about the parts needed for the conversion, and even remember telling you I had a used NE cylinder with very low miles if you needed, but I can't find your original message or my reply to you. Did you receive the reply I sent? If so can you attach it to an email and send it my way? My email is . I didn't receive a PM from you today either.
SOLD! most of the special EARLY NE cylinders are gone. I only have a couple left. All the cylinders for the 26 MM carburetor are gone. Only one left with the special tapered intake [$20.00 extra cost] and a couple with the 20.8 MM intake [for the 22 MM carburetor]. If you want one I would suggest making the arrangements very soon. PM me for the prices. These cylinders will fit all Whizzer motors from 1999 to current, and many, many, many on this site have installed them if anyone wants feedback, just ask on this site.
Whizzer OuterBanks,