Very unique MB for sale

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Bzura, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Bzura

    Bzura Member

    Spotted this is the local Craigslist this morning. It's got a 5hp Briggs & Stratton engine & a racing Indy slick for a rear. I don't see any throttle on the bar-ends so I guess it's mounted somewhere on the engine.

    Safety was definitely not the main focus of this build. It does have a nice clean look though. I like the foot pedal for the rear drum brake too.

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  2. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    lol. would want to keep it clean, looks like theres no aircleaner on there! just the backing plate for the airbox that mustnt have cleared that rear wheel...

    having a foot operated brake on the RIGHT is going to take some getting used to...

    $ least this guy is sensible :) i was sort of expecting an extra 0...
  3. Fyre Koiss

    Fyre Koiss New Member

    That thing looks terrifying. I don't know much about it so I'm asking.... wouldn't that wide of a back tire make it really hard to control? Maybe if it was rounded it would be ok, but a racing slick? As for the brake... I almost hope the image is mirrored or something... because a brake on the right would be insanely hard to get used too. I would be too afraid of getting in an accident while still adjusting.

    I was also noting.... what the hell is keeping the front end of the bike from simply crushing inwards? Cause all I see is the Engine Mount... and it is rather low...
  4. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    Looks like a good movie prop, but I wouldn't get on the thing.I bet the first good pothole hit those forks are gonna SNAP.
  5. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    Yup, chucking sand/road and tire dust into the cylinder.
  6. Bzura

    Bzura Member

    It would probably be fun for 5 minutes doing burnouts in the wet grass.
  7. Ollie

    Ollie Member

    What a crazy thing! I'd stick some downhill forks, a disc brake and a normal throttle set-up on it if it was mine. The right-side foot brake is just like my motorbike so I don't see it being a problem, why do you guys object so much?
  8. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    No objection, if someone wants to put a V8 in a VW that's their business.My concerns are, it's going to be overloading the front, it can't turn, the seat-stay looks fragile and if it goes while riding welcome to some neat injuries (rubber burns on your nuts anyone), and generally looks like trouble.I'm into function over form.
  9. rawly old

    rawly old Member

    Fill the rear tire with water & use it to pack down new sod,
    or insure the mortality of wounded road kill.
    I like it, no need for a kickstand. That's important on your
    way home from the bar. Wait 'til the fat bike crowd gets a
    load of this thing. Could be trendier than the hula hoop.
  10. sactownie

    sactownie Member

    Umm theirs no pedals on it to human power it so its not a motor assisted bike. it would be illegal on any road in in the usa so it is definitely a cop magnet.
  11. joshua97

    joshua97 Member

    not practical at all but looks like it was a fun project