Very unusual Hot Rod E-recumbent.

Discussion in 'Motorized Recumbents' started by recumpence, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Beautiful work!

    Looking forward to finding out how it rides.
  3. recumpence

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    That makes two of us.

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    If I dare ask, how much do those components cost?
  5. recumpence

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    Hmm, I got a huge deal on them (I have contacts in the RC industry). But, I can tell you what they should cost;

    The motor (AXI 5345) $240
    Controller $260
    Throttle potentiometer $14
    Battery $600 (I paid $435)
    Charger $225
    Misc. materials about $300 (chain, sprocket, pulleys, belts, bearings, aluminum, etc).

    Machining equipment? Hmm, about $5,000!

    Oh, I am looking at a used TIG welder tomorrow. :D

  6. Fly_boy_bc

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    Mr. Shumaker Thank you!! I have been working on a BMX based jackshaft and seeing your beautiful adaptation is really going to help.

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    I am really anxious to see the on-road results! Outstanding work!
  9. HoughMade

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    Impressive- to say the least. I too want to see how she performs- but I have no doubt it will be exactly what you painstakingly designed it to be.
  10. recumpence

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    My biggest concern is breaking drive line components from too much power. These little motors are CRAZY powerful. :)

  11. Sam_Q

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    what size bolts are you using to transmit between the rear wheel hub and the adapter? do you have any concerns about the torque going through them?

    BTW awesome work
  12. recumpence

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    They are 10/24 bolts.

    There are 12 bolts total, 6 that hold the sprocket to the adaptor and 6 going through the sprocket, the adaptor, and threaded into th e hub. Beyond that, the adaptor puts pressure on all the spokes due to their profile being cut into the adaptor. It can take alot of torque.

    However, I do have a different rear wheel here with more spokes, far larger hub flanges, and a disc brake mount on the left side that I can machine a sprocket mount for. If I have any problems with the rear wheel, I will go with that wheel.

    Honestly, I am planning to use the new wheel anyway. I will be going up from the 36 tooth sprocket to a 50 tooth mounted to the new rear wheel. Then I will alter the ratio in the reduction unit to compensate. That way there will be less torque on the reduction unit as a whole and the torque will be transferred to the rear hub (which, again, will be a far tougher unit). Once that is done, I can eliminate the belt skip issue and really get some serious accelleration out of it! :)

  13. Sam_Q

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    ok sounds good, when are you planning on firing it up?
  14. recumpence

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    I am riding it now (well not right now)!

    It runs fantastic!

  15. Sam_Q

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    thats awesome, let us know how much range you end up getting
  16. recumpence

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    It depends on how I ride it.

    If I leave the motor running it runs about 12 to 14 miles. If I run the motor for accelleration, coast without the motor, then run the motor to get up hills, I runs roughly 20 miles. If I pedal on the flats and only use the motor for hills and accelleration aid, it runs about 25 miles.

    Recumbents are very efficient bicycles. This thing coasts forever. I rarely run the motor on the flats. It is easy to mantain over 20 mph with pedal power alone assuming I use the motor to get up to that speed. So, I do alot of pedalling and coasting without the motor.

    Most rides for me are about 6 to 8 miles. When I get home I put it on the charger and typically, I have only used about 30% of the charge when I read the milliamp hours that go back in.

    I hope that helps!

    Oh, videos are up on the site!

  17. fredbert

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    I would love to see this adapted for wheelchairs, all I can say without sounding sycophantic
    is wow what a gift you have to develop this.

    It must be great to show those who doubted your idea on other sites.that it works.
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    Very nice work Matt!

    Too bad I have neither the time nor patience to emulate it. :(
  20. recumpence

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    Niether do I! :)