Video of veteran M/C



Veteran are considered pre-WW1. Generally they had belt drive, no transmission and were pedal start. I found this Rex video of interest. It was taken at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Isle of Man TT Races. I think the owner and those watching are Dutch. The awww when the engine dies is heartening. :)
Oh! The engine is a JAP...James A. Prestwich & Sons.

How does the clutch work Mike?

Hi Pete, somehow I just saw this one, scanning thru the good stuff. I can't see exactly how the clutch is working, tho I did see it jump when it hit the ground. It is some form of centrifugal apparently, tho, that big loose belt COULD still be tensioned by an idler roller?

I rode a 1911 Thor and the clutch was in the engine pulley with no tensioner, and Harley around that same time 1913? had a clutch in the rear hub so the belt was moving all the time the engine was running.