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Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by motorpsycho, Sep 7, 2011.

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    I thought i'd try this out so i made a video of both of my bikes running. This will let you hear how my custom exhausts sound, and how well the engines run and idle. in both videos, it appears that some parts on both bikes are loose when i rev the engine, but that's just the way my camera takes video.

    my o.c.c. with custom gas tank,chrome carb scoop and exhaust that i built.
    re-jetted stock carb, shortened throttle and clutch cables, upgraded spark plug and wire, and a bunch of other little custom parts.

    My schwinn lowrider with spooky tooth exp. chamber, modified stock muffler, high flow air filter, and custom paint on the tank and frame. chopped fenders, chopped krate style sissy bar with shocks, 38 spoked straight laced wheels, and a cheater slick rear tire.
    The gas-oil ratio is a bit thick, so it's smokin a little.

    Maybe next time when i'm not home alone, i'll have someone video me actually riding them.

  2. olow

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    the occ sounds alot better nice bike
  3. motorpsycho

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    yeah the o.c.c. is more throaty and i think it has to do with how i modified the muffler internally and externally. I kept the baffle in the muffler, but i drilled 4 holes in the vertical baffle disk, and i shortened the muffler case by about 3 inches or so.
    the muffler on my lowrider is the same stock muffler, but it's at the stock length. I modified the baffle plate the same way, but i only drilled 2 holes in the vertical baffle disk. i also added the length of straight pipe between the exp. chamber and the muffler, and then i added the chrome turnout to the end of the muffler. the turn out actually quieted it down a little, but it also adds an echo effect.
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    Air filter on the o.c.c is made out of?
  5. motorpsycho

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    look closely at the end of the muffler on my o.c.c.
    see how it's cut at an angle?
    the carb stack is made out of the leftover chrome peice that i cut off the end of the muffler.
    It has a sponge type filter element inside the stack.
    The plastic peice that holds the stock air filter housing onto the carb, is epoxied inside of the carb stack.
    this secures the stack to the carb using the stock screw holes with much shorter screws.
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    Very clever, Great use of recycling too.