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videos ?


Active Member
Dec 15, 2006
prowler said:
Ya know, a short video would be worth a buzzillion words and pictures in these cases :eek: . Is there some way we can download short videos on this site (in the owners manual section) for instructional information like clutch cable adjustment, explaining carburetor initial set-up, chain adjustment, etc? This website is going to be a lot busier in the coming months and years as gas prices keep increasing. Videos would be a really slick way to explain assembly of these kits, no? Anyone got any ideas?
I thought this was an excellent suggestion 8)



i believe our future plan is to be able to host more data, & having our own videos would be groovy...i've mentioned in the past we'd like to do this, all we need is someone to make 'em :)

same drawbacks as always, tho...how we gonna convince people to use the instructions instead of using other people? :???:


Active Member
Aug 4, 2006
If you take a video and upload it to youtube, I am sure we could figure out a way to imbed the video in your post - espically on the new software.