Vintage Columbia bike part needed

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    I need a replacent large nut that the gooseneck goes through. It's the one that holds the top suspension bracket in place on my Columbia bicycle. The nut is stripped out.

    If anyone has info on how the nut can be repaired, or a compatible one found, it is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Any one inch headset top nut will work on your fork. You should be able to pick one up at just about any bike shop. Or keep your eye open for any throw away bikes out by the curb. The top nut off just about any dept. store bike from kids size to adult will fit. If you really have to have a vintage Wald Top nut? Check out sources like Memory Lane Classics

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    Thanks. I was told by the guy at the local bike shop that all bikes made the last 35 years are metric nuts and bolts, so I figured finding one at a bike shop wouldn't work. Memory Lane Classics is a good idea.
  4. Top Nut Blues

    Hi guys, well the LBS guy was close to right! The threads are the same on everything I have tried including some nice vintage stuff.

    Try a new nut of some kind, BUT test it with a magnet first, to see that it is steel not a pot metal type.

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    Thanks. I have found the part online.