Vintage Huffy Good Vibrations 6 Speed, Going Back to Stock

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I picked up a Vintage USA made 6 speed Huffy with a old Super rat 2 stoke (40mm intake). The previous owner (PO) could never make it run. I decided to take it back to stock. KC would be glad to know that is does have dual brakes. It's a cool old bike to ride rides like new.

Cool old Huffy, that was back when they were made right in the USA.
Nice find Leroy.
Thanks KC. It rides great, I rode it to dinner last night. Turned lots of heads.

No, ButterBean, keeping it pedal power. But now I have a SuperRat for a new build.
Definitely a cool old Huffy. I used to have one like that years ago, a 5-speed as well. I was a little too tall for it so I ended up selling it.

Those old Huffy frames are practically bulletproof!
This sucker had 6 gears, 3rd was my speed for cruisin' around with the babe.

I had a Huffy BMX bike as a kid. I jumper everything with it. Rode it in water, on the trampoline, maybe off the roof too. I know I rode my skateboard off the roof, a few times.

I read that Huffy went to China because Walmart demand lower prices.
I read that Huffy went to China because Walmart demand lower prices.
Actually it is a much longer and sadder story than that.
A Chinese conglomerate bought up several US brand names and slap the ame on the cheap stuff they make and yes, sell them to Wallmart.

Only names like Giant and Felt didn't sell out and even though they have Chinese production it is still American quality.
Giant has been Taiwanese for as long as I can remember. Glad the bike has been restored back to its original state. I personally could never understand why one would motorize a geared bicycle, but to each their own. It looks great and makes me want to convert mine with a hub gearing setup eventually

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