Vintage J-Model Whizzer


Oct 7, 2009
Know all to well about surprises when buying used. The Whizzer I purchased 4+ yrs ago is finally in the resto stage except for dents and dings,bad wiring,and rings stuck in piston the bike is in good condition. Does not bother me because I bought the bike with every intention of restoring it.
In the end we will both be so glad we are doing what we are doing to our little one lungers.
Mike Ross

Dean Franklin

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Jun 15, 2017
Outstanding! I'm a newbi and was blessed with having Paula's posts the first I saw. I've owned a airplane manufacturing plant and was partner in a commercial machine shop making aircraft parts but was so tied to the business end I had no time to get hands on. Paula, your narratives could be in any tech school text book. Thank you. Working on J motor and bike. Also, I can't find anything past Dec. 2013. Are there post past this on Paul's restoration?Dean Franklin
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