Vintage Motorbike Show in Portland,IN

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    I didn't realize that this Event may be the largest of it's kind in the country and only about 20 miles north of Muncie! Folks, this was a treat for me today. Whizzers, Cushmans, Mustangs, Vespas, Rupps, Lambreattas and a fabulous torquise Monarch Twin motorized bicycle. When looking over the Whizzers, I noticed one entry was Quentin Guenther's. I then proceeded to find Lee and as a bonus got to meet,briefly, Helmut of Phoenix Motorbike Works. Richard's bikes, BTW, are beautifully done. Well, Lee Guenther is a friendly, down to earth guy who grew up a couple hours away in Dayton,O.. I spent a few hours gaining tips and info it would have taken years to acquire on my own. Lee asked me to ride his EZM equipped bike. I'm sold! Unlike the G4 on my Felt, Lee got it right on the gear ratio. The EZM is smoooth! Quiet! I'm back to Portland in the morning to pick one up. The Felt's about to get an upgrade. Thanks again guys, it's rewarding to finally meet some of the guys on the Forums in person.
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    agreed on Quenton being a very cool guy !!! :)
    he really knows his stuff as well ;)

    I have also met Helmutt, and his builds are things of beauty :)
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    Hi Whizzerd,

    Thrilled I was able to spend time with you. It was my pleasure to get to know several from this website.

    I arrived back home Saturday night and spent most of the day Sunday unloading my van and putting away the few parts I didn't sell at the show. At the end of the day, I took my EZ bike for a nice long ride as it was the fastest way to cool off.

    BTW my 1951 Schwinn/Whizzer won 1st place in the senior division for 2010.

    Have fun,