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    Anyone here in Texas? I am going to start building a "thor IV" replica, ok, it's a sort of replica made from a 26" old girls bicycle. After I get mine done I want to get a group of these bikes together for various events in central Texas including our semi-annual air fair/fly ins which also show vintage cars in running condition such as model T's and the like. Our theme is 1903-1940 aviation and aviation related stuff (like old cars and motorcycles!).

    I am hoping to get these bikes built with volunteer help at the pioneer flight museum in Kingsbury Texas. I'm donating (technically a permanent loan) a frame (should be coming in from ebay) and an 80CC motorized kit to start things off. Significant frame mods are anticipated as well as gas tank manufacture as each of these manufacturers used a different style gas tank and colors that was usually the easiest way to tell them apart.

    This is to supplement the museums "almost got it running" 1917 Indian and 1921 Triumph. Of course these "replica" bikes would also be loaned out to volunteers for various events and such...PFM gets a little publicity and the borrower gets the fun. Maybe even some demo races.

    Anyone interested in such an endeavor, it might be a fun way to get several or quite a few of these "vintage" bikes put together and also a great way to enjoy them at the musuems rural site.

    This might be a good way to get more of these bikes built. I am sure most of the forum is spread out, but maybe some Texans in here.:eek:

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    Where is Kinsbury? I'm moving to the Houston area soon.
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    Kingsbury is just off IH 10 about 40miles east of San Antonio, about 10 miles east of Seguin. We have quite a few H town people come over.
    our website is
    my email is
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    And they make GREAT hamburgers in Kingsbury too!