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    I usually post over on the other motor bike site. Don't ask me why because I don't really know. Anyway, I have been pretty busy lately working on various projects. My wife has been riding my motorbike around quite a bit and asked if I could put one together for her. I have wanted to do a military style build and figured this was my opportunity. I had plans of an olive drab and desert camo paint job on the frame and every other part of the bike either green, black, or tan. I started with a Schwinn frame and a stencile kit off of ebay to give the frame a stock Schwinn paint job using the olive drab and tan. Well, the wife got involved and now I have a lot of chrome pieces as well. It's really susposed to be her bike anyway, so what could I say? It has started to take on it's own personality now. Not at all what I had started out to build, but I am beginning to like the looks.
    Here is a partial components list:

    1952 Schwinn Panther
    Parsons seat that I recovered in black leather
    Unknown cruiser bars with Schwinn stem
    Oury grips
    Schwinn $10 special cycle computer (these work great)
    Chrome ballon tire full fenders (these were going to get painted black or olive drab)
    Latest manufacture PK80-J Slant Head in silver
    CNS Carb
    One of my custom in-frame tanks in an unpainted "scotch-brite" finish
    1952 Schwinn springer fork
    18 tooth bearing mounted idler sprocket for a #41 chain
    1995 Schwinn Phantom crank, sprocket, and bottom bracket

    All I still need are tires and wheels. Bike/DSC04661.jpg Bike/DSC04662.jpg Bike/DSC04665.jpg Bike/DSC04667.jpg
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  2. Will Snow

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    What nice work you do. The tank really is special. Personal craftsmanship has always impressed me. Thank you for posting the pictures.
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    good looking!
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    You sir, have way too much time on your hands.....meant in the best possible way. Nice bike, and I love the tank. Nice job
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    Thanks for the comments guys. I am looking forward to getting it on the road, maybe this weekend. If I did have too much time on my hands I would be working on my tank design for the Worksman Industrial Newsboy frame I have sitting right here. Those tanks are still a few weeks away.
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    Lets see them!!!
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    hi, bike looks great i just ordered some oury grips to replace my own grips on my bike, is there any pointers you could give me to help im not sure even where to begin, i know the clutch side should just be simple replacement, but the throttle grip how did you do it?
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    Very nice work Pat!
    What wall thickness & od do you use when fabbing your custom frames?
    Is it DOM ?

    ...and what rear hub are you using??? :)
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    Is this the #4 that I picked up from Mac in AK?

    Just curious,
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    Wow man love the look of your bikes! Fantastic work, those tanks really set it off...if I was the jealous kind I'd be green from head to toe. I'd like to set a springer saddle just above the back fender like an old hardtail...sorta like the last pic