Vintage Whizzer belts & rear wheel adjustment proceedures

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    new to me 1947 Whizzer model H motor on 1950 Schwinn bicycle frame.

    Need guidance for adjusting motor mounts, clutch belt, clutch pulley spring, main rear drive belt and rear wheel. Searched for old threads, can't locate procedures.

    1) Clutch does not disengage fully without hitting the magneto cover.front belt/motor mounts, clutch pulley/return spring need adjustment.
    2) Chain is loose. Loosened axle nuts and coaster brake arm, tightened chain, centered wheel. No rear wheel adjuster bolts as on some bikes/motorcycles. Now drive belt rubs on tire left sidewall.

    On an old Schwinn etc. without motor it's easy to turn bike upside down, loosen axle nuts, center rear wheel to tighten chain and align wheel.can't flip a Whizzer upside down and axle nuts also hold/bind rear stand pivot.

    Anyone in Sacramento area good at such adjustments?

    help, please?
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    I am in Sacramento,. call me on my cell 519-8612