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    hi everyone.
    i came across 3 old whizzers from the 40s.a 48 pacemaker with a looped schwinn frame,a 49 pacemaker and a 48 monark rocket.barn fresh condition.ive restored 2 back to working order and starting on the 3rd project.its a 1948 monark rocket with h model whizzer motor.the first two bikes i restored back to stock except for the chopper bars on the 49 but ive since switched back to short low bars.,but this last one im going to make a 1905ish harley davidson replicia.
    im currently working on a wood tank as a pattern then ill be making the real one once im happy with size and looks.
    ill be looking at others examples and im sure ill have a few questions as motorized bicycles is still new to me.i have restored many vintage motorcycles and work as a machinist.
    looking forward to any advice for my project.

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    Welcome to MBc, Sean. If those are all 'barn finds', it looks like you struck gold. You seem to be doing a fine job on them. Please keep rhe photos coming...we all want to know about the progress you are making. Good Luck, to you.
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    thank you patrick.
    they were all in barn condition when i bought them off a 90 yr old collector who fiqured he didnt have time to restore them.i just finished painting the monark rocket harley grey and in the process of pinstripping in red and black.picked up a 1975 indian dirt bike tank that has that long narrow look i was after...adding a 5" 1930s spot light as a headlight...more pics soon....the 48 pacemaker im having spark troubles,added a new coil and electronic ign but one of em isent working,after switching back to points and condenser i did get spark so i think i have it narrowed down.