Vintage Whzzer Engine Cleaning

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Traveler, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Traveler

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    What is the best solvent and methods to clean a vintage Whizzer engine? Would a soft wire brush ruin it? Any advice appreciated.

  2. Mountainman

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    straight plastic brissle cleaning brush - recommend

    hi Traveler

    at your local auto store they sell a large straight plastic brissle cleaning brush
    this would be much better for starters -- so as not to scratch
    after some cleaning with this one
    then you will know more about how deep you need to get

    at work all the mechanics used these type cleaning brushes
    with some standard cleaning solvent
    a little gas also works

    ride the motor bike
  3. Baverian

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    For cleaning all engines I use a degreaser like simple green,purple cleaner,awesome(99cent store) and just spray it on with a hand spray bottle.Then hose it off.If its really caked up repete and use a nylon brush and a pressure washer works well if you have one.
    Good cleaning
  4. go-rebels

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    A good pressure washing, by itself, will do a very good job. When finished, if I want to be able to eat off the surface, THEN I'll spray with Simple Green, or something similar, and hose it off.
  5. Traveler

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    I appreciate all the help. I had never thought of a pressure washer. I have one at home. I'll be getting started on the engine in a couple weeks. Now, I need to find some motor mounts to start with. I plan on building a stand to run the engine, and some kind of electric motor to start it.
  6. RdKryton

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    They have your mounts.
  7. Traveler

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    I remember seeing them at the memorylane-classics web site, and they looked great. I plan on giving them a call when I get back home in Ohio. Wish they had an online ordering system.