Vintagebikers Rare Pre War Motorized Bike

OK, here is the internet debut of this rare Motorbike.
This bike is unrestored and is in as found condition after being stored for over 70 years.

Built in Illinois by the Anthony Manufacturing Co. in 1935 as a prototype using the British Cyc-Auto 98cc 2 cycle motor. Pedal to start.
They built 2 of these bikes, one mans and one womans but they never put them into production because the company (Cyc-Auto) that was to provide the motors was sold in 1936 to the British Scott Motorcycle Co.
It seems the Scott Motorcycle Co. was not interested in selling motors to the American based Anthony Mfg. Company.

A bit of history:
Cyc-Auto is credited with being the company which started the Auto Cycles (what motorized bicycles were called in England) craze in England.
Their first motorized bike, made in 1934 pre dates the Whizzer by 5 years.
The Whizzer Motor Co. sold their first motor kits for bicycles in late 1939.




go you good thing

Wow, how did you get it? How much is it worth and how does the motor drive the chain?


wonderful flashback, thanks for the history it a worm-gear driving the bottomset?


Cool old scooter! Wouldn't be able to ride that in Wisconsin as a "motorized bicycle" because the engine is an intregal part of the bike. (it'd be considered a moped or motorcycle) For some reason, Wisconsin states that the motor must be a "bolt on addition to a standard bicycle to be considered a "motorized bicycle"? That's really a nice old antique bike. Definately a collector vehicle. Whatever you do, don't restore it! All these old bikes now are worth far more unrestored than if you mess with them.


Wisconsin states that the motor must be a "bolt on addition to a standard bicycle" to be considered a "motorized bicycle"
that's what we have to eventually lobby for nationwide...sry for the side-topic...i didn't want that to go by without commenting.


Apr 24, 2007
Now that's a find :devilish: . stored for 70 years... :eek: .
looks like the tank has quite a capacity. thanx for a little history, too.
Really nice. 8) 8)


Great looking bike! I really like the "tool" box. Man I wish I was lucky enough to make a rare find like that!



Thanks for the compliments, glad you like it much as I do.

To answer a couple of the questions,

Yes, it has a worm drive gear that drives the left side sprocket.
The right side sprocket drives the bike when ridden like a regular bicycle.
The pedal cranks can disengage from the motor so you can pedal it with the motor off without the belt draging over the motor pulley like the Whizzers.

It will run, I don't have gas in it because it is kept in my living room in front of the fireplace. Don't want the gas smell in the house.

I got it from a family member of the shop foreman that built it for the Anthony Mfg. Co.
As far as $ worth, I guess it is like they say on the Antiques Roadshow when someone brings in a basically one of a kind item, because there has never been one sold, they don't know what it is worth.
I would guess at an auction of bicycle-motorcycle collectors it might bring about as much as a very early, very nice condition unrestored Whizzer.
Who knows, maybe more with the right people bidding on it.