Visiting san diego-looking for rental

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  1. madz

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    Hi everyone,

    sorry, i'm really new to all of this. Im an aussie chick coming back over to cali ( san diego) next week and I'm trying to find someone to help me with motored bike rental around san diego. Sorry if this is a really annoying question, i've just been looking for hours and hours on the net and can't seem to find anything.
    If anyone has ANY info that would be such a huge help!! Otherwise have an awesome day. Thanks again for your time :)

  2. BiMoPed

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    Not annoying at all, but lotsa questions to annoy you...

    How long are you going to be in San Diego? Are you travelling anywhere else?
    Have you ridden a motorized bike before? own one?

    Do you have an Aussie motorcycle license?
  3. madz

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    Thanks so much for your reply! I was in San diego a couple of weeks ago (currently in NYC) but will be coming back over cali way for 8/9 days only. Wish it were for longer. I'm travelling by myself however staying with family over here.

    I have ridden a mates motorised bike before and an electric style one too (where you still have to pedal) but unfortunately I don't own one. Young traveler = not much money! ;)
    When i was over last time, i wished i had a bike to get around because travelling from beach to beach was got reeeeaally hot after walking everywhere all day. At the end of the day, if i can get motor i will just regular bike, but I'll most likely want to get a motor one or even build one myself one day, so may as well get into them now i say :)

    and lastly, no i don't have motorbike license... not sure about the rules in cali. (heard you have to have motorbike license to ride even a scooter.. that right??)


    Do you have an Aussie motorcycle license?
  4. madz

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    oops... sorry bout the question on the end!!!
  5. BiMoPed

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    A real quick search found this, I doubt if anyone rents gas bikes.

    We have three packages to choose from:

    $50.00 2hr ride Includes: Electric Bike, Helmet and Lock
    $75.00 1/2 Day ride (4hrs) Includes: Electric Bike, Helmet and Lock
    $125.00 Full Day ride (8hrs) Includes: Electric Bike, Helmet and lock

    Feel free to call us at 619-564-7028 with any questions you may have. We offer discounts on advanced reservations.