Voters seem angry.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Stan4d, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Stan4d

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    There is alot of anger out there:

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    **** right!!! when you have a govt that is for the people, of the people and by the people and nobody listens to the people. PEOPLE get angry. We are going to see a MASSIVE turnover in our govt in a few days.
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    Hmmm I thought we could say hoover dam in here. guess not.
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  5. Stan4d

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    **** the word censor. Dammit.
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    Well, gues you can't say D a m n
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    How strange, I have to log in again to see the pic. Hmmmm
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    Yes, there is anger to be sure but I believe there's something else. The events of the last 20 months, I believe, has caused many people to examine their own existence and discover who they actually are. Many who either voted for Obama or were apathetic toward him in 08, now find that his policies are in conflict with their values. Values which they had taken for granted for many years, until they perceived those values threatened.

    The reason for the aforementioned opinion is, I had a similar "awakening" almost two decades ago. An "awakening" that forever transformed a trusting and passive voter into a political hawk. I trust no one in power except the Almighty, believe politicians are like fish, they begin to stink with age and that the only good government is one of "Limited and enumerated powers". Some may call me an dialog, I call me an AMERICAN!
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    Kerf ....right you are..again
  10. machiasmort

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    That's why I'm gonna steal his identity and vote straight Liberal Democrat. LOL!

    Only joking Kerf!

    Angry, look at what Spitzer did and he ain't even in Jail!
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    Mort .I didnt mean right wing..I meant right..Your above post did make me laugh..made my last swallow of beer come out my nose..but it went right back in my half full glass in front of waste here
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    I like that.
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    awsome standford!what else you got?
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    More Ray Stevens

    This one could have been easily spotted, but watch the chick in the middle. The look on her face at the end scares me.