w0mbhangers first post i got a new problem for yalls

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    I got a crusier frame jet black engine 80cc with bmx 20 inch tires and a bent muffler for the lowness.

    But now its broken 2 days ago and I just got it running right before thx givin and only rode once this month cause of cold. Basically im on the third tank of gas and its less than 3 month old.

    Problem: first a squeek noise but i did this : http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?p=124788 and i made clutch cable a little longer and it went away but something worst happened.

    Then a hole blew out on the right side and i dont know what really came out of it either, about an inch wide. The clutch will now no long turn over the engine. It doesnt do anything when i pull clutch in and release it anymore. The chain on the engine now feels like a bike chain and it makes a weird little nosie inside the engine but its not very loud noise.

    Im going to repost this problem in the 2 stroke section so please respond to it there i guess ill post a link to it once it exist. Ill post pictures too.

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    Hi wO, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Take off the cover on the right side and do a pic of the internals.
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  4. wow it looks like a part came off your clutch and blew a hole right threw the clutch cover,thats the first ive seen. 3 months old, do you have a warranty on the engine? I would call who you got it from and ask them what they will do. Who did you buy it from?
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    i think it had a 30 day warranty but im trying to find out.
    pirate i think he might do something about it but anyhow i would like a quick fix if it aint nuthin huge. I dont know nuthin about no clutches.
    maybe it would be good to loctite this nut in the future or not? but i dont know what it would even look like.
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