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  1. w31john

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    I had so much fun with my first bike that I built. I had to do something else.

    So I put together this chopper with a finger throttle and a GoNads exhaust can on a large chopper frame with a big banana seat and backrest. It also has a single pull dual brakes, disk in front, drum in back.

    Here are some pictures:







    This is my first bike (Still fun to ride):

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  2. drimpact

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    I love it. What was the model of the "GoNads exhaust"?

    Did it help with power and speed? I love the whole look of the bike. But the exhaust is almost invisible. Love it!
  3. azbill

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  4. stowaway

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    now that chopper is AWESOME. my fav bike so far.
  5. gone_fishin

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    this is gettin old, guys....
  6. iRide Customs

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    Cool bike! I like the exhaust. Does it get your leg oily though?

  7. w31john

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    Team Go-nads X-can

    You can order them from this website. I used the large cc x-can with side ports. It is better because it matches the rectangular exhaust port on the motor. The stock pipe has a round opening which restricts the flow.

  8. Simonator

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    haha! I love that seat!
  9. Easy Rider

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    That Bike is bigger than it looks! Big John let me try it and I couldn't reach the pedals. I'm not tall but I'm not short...but John's got to be 6'5" or taller.
    John, lets ride this Saturday morning.
  10. Hollywood

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    Nice looking WSC.I have a WSC and was wondering what the item number was on the GoNads exhaust you have on your WSC?Putting out 80 bucks i want to get the right one.Did you have to make any mod to it to make fit?
  11. w31john

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  12. connoisseur

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    Nice bike.

    How does the ride feel with those forks? i just got some with the drum brake hook up on it.
  13. w31john

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    they are fine, its just a little hard to turn sharp.
  14. Scottm

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    What is the sound difference with the a can? Looks cool.
  15. w31john

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    it is just a little louder and i get a little more performance too.
  16. connoisseur

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    im looking to get an xcan for my other bike. which 1 did you get to fit?
  17. w31john

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    I used this setup with a large port xcan


    I just put this on. I couldn't believe the impact my new pipe made on my low and especially mid range.I would definitely recommend the new Santa Cruz Scooter Works pipe! you can get one from pipelyne in SAN Jose

  18. connoisseur

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    What did you or didnt you like like about the x can for exhaust?
  19. w31john

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    the x-can works great, but i get more power from the pipe