Wagon hooooo Fast can ya go?


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Dec 13, 2015
Im starting to get interested on trailer maybe do some sight seeing or camping hee hee hee.

Looking at ebay there only 1 dealer and some forum member gave him a bad review.

The company said max speed 10 mph me traveling I want to be 22 to 28 mph can trailors do that without fliping over?

Other bike bums are using baby trailors but it might be offensive to the public seeing their dog is in it. I want to specialize get some nostalgia.


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Jun 24, 2016
I have a kid trailer by step-in, it's supposed to hold up to 100 pounds of child meat but I've put more than a hundred in it before, empty or full never had mental stability problems, and can get into the 30s before you feel the empty cart dragging you back down to upper 20s. You could get all hippy with it and sleep in the trailer but watch out for the game preserve zoobitches who poke and prod the sleepy, unkempt, and those who sleep in bicycle trailers.

It's all probably a conspiracy against you to buy a trailer for kids, and a trailer for food, AND a trailer for sleeping unfortunately it's heavily enforced in Japan and Australia which is why Fabian is obligated to tote around 50 trailers since each pair of underpants is legally obligated to have its own trailer as a protection of free speech. This is why I live in America so I'm free to sleep with my kids and dogs and underpants all in the same 8 cubic foot bicycle trailer. Take that zoobitches.
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