waiting for my motor kit

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    When ur over 50 ur not new at much. I've never stoped riding bikes since I started at age 4.
    Just ordered a RAW 80cc n now waiting for dilivery. This will be my first motor bike build n I am sure it wont go without a hitch, what does.
    I am from calif but nw in florida (year round riding). The bike i am going to use is a kawasaky MTB "spelling huh". I dont know if my email is published here but i'll get it hr if not.
    Tnx for letting me in on this forum I'm sure I'll like it n find plenty of gud help hr

    Tnx wd8avq53 (Tim)

  2. Ohara.paddy

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    Hi from Michigan

    Hi Tim I too am waiting for my kit. I have the bike and I am still searching for the motor. I won''t be riding it for a wile as the weather here is snow and cold. I will be using a friction drive kit and a weedwhacker motor. I am over 50 as well not to many of us older guys on here but I am looking forward to the fun of building the "motored bike". I have always loved anything on two wheels. I live near a linear park called the White Pine Trail. It is paved and an excellent place to go for good riding or walking. Happy New Year.

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    Hello Tim..Welcome to the forum from another Florida guy