Waiting for my parts

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bughuggger, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. bughuggger

    bughuggger New Member

    I've been trying to get a good roomshare off of Craiglist. Everytime they are wierd. The bed is too short. The ceiling is too short. They have sacred knives. They are too cozy. I bet Tom would be like this if he were renting a room in his own house. How many points Tom?

    Anyways. I've ordered these gasbike parts and I"m waiting waiting waiting.

  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    What in the world are you talking about?
  3. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Are you freakishly tall or something?
  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    feels like the Twight Zone here on this very early morning
    could you explain just a little more about what you are talking about ??
    thank you