Wally world wheel bearings ( & grease)



How long do cheap chinese wheel bearings last? i live in turkey and ill probably do about 25 miles a day up hill down hill etc or is there a way of upgrading to better bearings, what are your thoughts?

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Wheel bearings

I took my hubs apart and used automotive gease. Works well because the resistance is not an issue.


The problem that usually happens when cheap bearings go bad is that the race inside the hub gets ruined too, and it's not economical to have a bike shop lace a new hub into a cheap wheel. I don't know about where you live, but in the US a bike shop can get a new cheap wheel for about what they'd have to charge just for labor for lacing a new hub into the old rim.

You can always replace the wheels with something better later, that's not the major problem I've seen.


The problem with (some) dept-store bikes that I've seen is that the crank and headset bearings don't have dust covers. The crank bearings are under a far amount of stress when used and water gets in there and ruins the races and race seats, and then you have no way to fix that. With the headset bearings, many times the lower headset bearing is left open, and if you don't have a fender, when you ride in the rain the front tire throws dirty water UP into the lower headset bearings, ruining them.


The first thing I did was clean that petroleum jelly the Chinese call grease and did what davidsis did. I used synthetic wheel bearing grease, I have over 800 miles and have had no promblems yet.


wally world bikes made in China have very little grease on the bearings. Adding injury to insult, many of the bearings over overtightened. A little grease and elbow grease will go a long way and making the bike last.