Walmart Extended $14 warrenty?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by springfieldscooter, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. I was at walmart last night, looking for a good candidate for a motorized bike.

    They offer a $14 extended warrenty that covers the bike for 2 years.....

    I failed to check into the details, and wish I would have!

    And the infamous Cranbrook (grey) is out of stock on both their web site and in there stores around here.

    Maybe more soon? Who knows??

    Is anyone familiar with this program and is it worth the extra $14 ??

    Thanks in advance!

  2. butterbean

    butterbean Well-Known Member

    There are a few cranbrooks on eBay if you're interested in going that route.
  3. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    nothing at Wal mart is a good candidate for motorizing
  4. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    I'd give 7 to 5 that putting a motor on voids the warranty.
  5. Cylon

    Cylon Member

    I would say its worth it just don't tell them it had a motor on it. They don't replace your bike when it breaks, they just give a gift card at the same price you paid for the bike. It works I've done it with quite a few things from Walmart. My Walmart bike runs great with a motor.
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