Walmart GENESIS 29ner MTB

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  1. Bonefish

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    Has anyone seen the new 29ner that Walmart is carrying under the name Genesis. It is priced at $199, and has decent components on it. It has good rims and tires, decent front shock, front disc. brake, KMC chain. It is very light weight. They also have a 26 inch dual suspension bike called the V2100, that doesn't have the cheap-o coil rear shock.

    I was just wondering if anyone out there made a build with one of 29ers? It might be more money and a different style than the cranbrook and del mars, but If you could get one of the 68.5/80cc engines to fit in the frame, I would think one would be saving themselves a lot of headaches, and when one is ready to upgrade to a shift kit, they wouldn't be stuck with a single speed.

  2. Happy Valley

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    There has been some interest in 29ers here and if I recall correctly someone was putting a Morini engine on one, it'd be in the archives.

    And yes, I happened to see one at Wmart a few weeks back. Just my opinion but if I were to spend $200 I rather it be towards a decent used bike than anything new from Wmart. Lot more bang for the buck. That's just me.....not at all crazy about their bikes.

    One problem might be finding street tires for that bike, if in fact one wanted them. The 29er wheel is the same as 700c but in a wider rim width in a mountain bike configuration. otherwise I guess you'd just run knobbies.
  3. Bonefish

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    Good point, I agree with you on finding a good/brand used bike. It takes patience though to wait for the right deal to pop up though. With the 29er's being relatively new, there are not that many used. Considering the Gary Fisher SuperFly 29er at the local bike shop has a price tag on it for $5,600.00, not to sure if you could bag a used one for $200.00. Nor would I believe anyone would want to throw a china 68.5/80cc engine on one.

    For the purpsose's of the inexpensive china engines/kits, this might just be an option for those that get the engine, but do not want to wait for a good deal on a used good/brand bike.

    Several considerations though.........................

    A 29 inch wheel would probably require a different sprocket/drive ratio on the rear wheel. I also have heard people complain about the front tire hitting their foot.

    Anyway, here is the bike for those that haven't seen it. From what I can see, it is the BEST bike Walmart sells. Baggin it new for under $200 bones for what it has on it, is an excellent price point 29er.
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    My Kent Genesis 29er

    I have built a Kent Genesis 29 MTB. It seems to be a pretty sturdy bike to say the least. The build consist of 66cc Grubee Skyhawk engine, SBP shift kit, SBP expansion chamber, CNS Carb, Custom intake I made because the stock intake wont fit between the engine and tubes. I have pics of it and my other builds in the picture gallery. Good luck on your build.

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  5. Bonefish

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    That is the exact bicycle at our local Walmart. The Kent Genesis 29er orange/rust colored one. The one online is a yellow/gold Thruston Genesis Big- EZ 29er. They look to be identical except color and name.

    Anyway glad to see someone capitalized on it. That bike is LIGHTTTTT!!!!!!!! I would think it fly's especially since you thru the shifter kit on it.

    Thanks for sharing about the carb. mod. you made on it. I'm sure it will/would be a huge help to those that follow in your footsteps.

    Looks like a sweet/smart build.

    Excellent choice.
  6. professor

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    More than one review noted an issue with feet hitting the front wheel. A guy with a 9 1/2 shoe size said he was putting his feet toward the toes on the pedals to avoid the wheel.
    I am only 5'7'' and my shoes are way over that.
    Something to consider.
  7. Slamazon

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    45 MPH top speed

    with the CNS carb and the over sized intake port matched to the head along with the expansion chamber, she scoots along pretty well. I have a size 9 1/2 shoe and the only way my toe hits the front tire is if I pedal with my heels. I am 5' 9" 160 lbs and the kent 29" fits me well. Oh... and I have not got her into 7th gear, the 45 mph is 6th gear and its pretty scary riding a bike at that speed but the 29er seems to handle bumps, groves in the road, and huge potholes with ease. I ride at 30 mph which is the speed limit for mopeds here in Nevada but I do crank her up every now and then on those long straight lonely roads that Nevada is known for.
  8. professor

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    Sounds good and your pics look good too.
  9. Bonefish

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    45 mph is a rocketship.

    For those that might be a paranoid schitzophrenic with a mild case of the hebe GEBE's or are considering a friction drive, check out the other one Wally World has for $149

    Someone could probably make a sweet rack mount out of this value/price point dual suspension. It also is made by Kent, and has decent componets on it for a buck fifty.
  10. Stoney

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    Nice build.
  11. darwin

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    Price alone confirms you have better components than a 100$ bike, trust but verify. See how it feels and looks if in person. If online your taking a chance.
  12. donutguy

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    Been riding bikes for 40 years.....I've had "Wal-Mart" style bikes and IMHO- I think anyone would be better off spending the extra money for a quality used bike or even a new bike from a professional bike shop.

    I have a 2007 Specialized Cross-Road 29'er with a Staton friction drive and I am totally comfortable with it even when it hits 35 to 40 mph. Every Wal-Mart style bike I've ever owned.....I've snapped the frame right at the headtube. The last place I wanna be is going downhill at 40mph, hit a bump and snap a's bad enough when it happens at 5 to 10 mph.

    Sure, I have over a grand in my set-up all up, but I can ride it flat out at 35 mph for hours on end day in day out with no issues except for when I run out of fuel:)
  13. Bonefish

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    Some Walmart bikes are ****. I agree. However some seem decent.

    These are the ones I would consider making a build out of........................

    Schwinn LINK

    Kent 29er & Dual Suspension MTB's
  14. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I have two 29" frames for Project 29er, a new 18" Kona single-speed steel frame an a used 18" aluminum Diamondback multi-speed frame. Both should be excellent frames. I'll be using either a 5hp GP460 engine or a 2.8hp Tanaka 47R engine. I've heard that 29" frames do well with bad roads and potholes. It's exactly what I need, since these bikes will be commuters in 25mph-35mph speed limit zones.
  15. shiloh0

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    thanks slamazon, im putting one together based on this bike also, and i will use yours as a reference. i was afraid the aluminum frame would shake apart but it looks to be very well tig welded. the one im doing will have a freewheel hub and a sprocket in the 20s teeth range. also will be using the expansion pipe.