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  1. Sgt. Howard

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    A while back I bought six Huffy Cranbrooks in three different flavors through WalMart online- excellent service, price is what you expect in the store with free delivery- I was delightfully suprised. Any bike that WalMart sells is there! LaJolla, Schwinn, Huffey, New Holland and a host of others at prices below wholesale. Those looking for your next project ought to consider this source IMHO-
    the Old Sgt.

  2. PatTheThird

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    I am seriously considering one of the Genesis 29 inch models. They have a cruiser and a MTB. cruiser is 150 and the MTB is 199. Both free shipping. If anyone has pics of these bikes motorized, please post.
  3. ddesens

    ddesens Member

    genesis onyx 29 with a 66cc.

    I put 2 together so far and love them. They ride really nice.

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  4. PatTheThird

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    Wow dude! Thanks for the pics. How did you mount the motor and gastank? Did you drill?
  5. ddesens

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    I had to weld extensions onto the gas tank studs to make them clear the top tube. I made my own motor mounts by welding up some flat bar and using 2 different size muffler clamps. No drilling anywhere. The stock handlebar diameter is to big for the clutch lever and throttle supplied with the kit so I cut off and welded on smaller diameter tubing so it would work. I used the buy online thru with free to home shipping and got my bikes in about 3 days.
  6. jackal_lantern

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    I was really surprised by Walmart's selection of bikes too. I really don't like to support such a evil corporation, but I sold my soul for their prices. I decided to go with the Huffy Nel Lusso for $120 with free shipping. Even though I can tell its not as well made as some nicer bikes I have had, it is definitely amazing for the price.

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  7. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Yea that blue schwin link has my interest, I like the geometry of the frame.
  8. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    A word of caution or least a heads up on some of the Huffy cruisers, at least the one's with welded rear racks. It has been reported that frame damage can result from motorizing them.

    Break 1.jpg
  9. Crosshair_84

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    I saw that bike too on I considered it, but realized that it only had coaster brakes, is that your throttle on the left handle or did you add brakes to it somewhere I can't see in the photo?
  10. Sgt. Howard

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    The bolt for the front fender to fork is removed to instal front caliper brakes- I put the brake lever on the right. Between the front caliper and the coaster I find I have adequate brakeing power.
    the Old Sgt.
  11. Crosshair_84

    Crosshair_84 Member

    Neato. So is adding front caliper brakes just a matter of unbolting the fender and bolting on some caliper brakes or is there some modding involved?

    How hard is it to find tires?

  12. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member Wongmart Genesis 29 someone riding motored Gen.29

    I looked at one of these and for $150-300 it wasn't a bad bike, not even too heavy, but you get low $ running gear and a cheesy fork, standard Wmart issue. It's good enough for a MB though and the wheels and cranks seemed pretty stout.

    I've got the Schwinn Avenue Hybrid and after ditching the crappy stock stem, it is a great bike. (paid $50 at garage sale) The low-spoke-count wheels do NOT work for china kits, but can run friction drive. It has v-brakes and clearance for 700c x45 tires.
    It came with Shimano 7speed freewheel and 3x7 trigger/vbrake brifters. Good stuff for the working man or guy who collects bikes. I get a lot of compliments on it.


    Cyclocross conversion!

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  13. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    I ran a caliper brake on my front wheel on a beach bike with grubee, and it was NOT enough! Part of the problem was the v-brake lever that came with it was not made to leverage the brake, but it also is just not a very strong brake. I used a DansComp BMX adapter ($25) and tektro v-brake kit, now it is fine even with coaster rear.

    You CAN use a fender with the Dan'scomp adapter, just replace the included brake-bolt with high grade hardware store bolt and fasteners, run the brake behind/in front of fork as needed, and mount the fender to the bolt. I'd use a much stronger bracket though!

    Tires for any walmart bike are EASY and cheap! $10-30 for Cheng shin and many more (26" YELLOW) solid ATB 26" tires are $15 each!
  14. Sgt. Howard

    Sgt. Howard Member

    Happy Valley- where has the failure of the Huffys with the welded on rack been reported? I need to know, as I am selling a "Panama Jack" with motor and want to know what failures have occured. ALSO- when you bolt calipers to the front, make sure you get sturdy calipers, a long brake handle and BIG SHOES!!! I have done quite a few emergency stops- this combo brings my 200# carcass to a halt no problem. Don't waste your $$ on stamped calipers- get heavy BMX style cast operations.
    Should have specified earlier- sorry...
    the Old Sgt.
  15. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Ok, cool. I can agree with that. There are some BMX versions that at the very least have a stronger main bolt and washers, so they don't squeal/flex and are less likely to break off and rotate to trap the wheel. And yes, using an old canti-style long lever will make a huge difference. V-brake pads work well on road and cruiser calipers, if you get some thick, soft ones ($5-10 set, try Niagara Cycle Works for replacement parts)
  16. Sgt. Howard

    Sgt. Howard Member

    Happy Valley- the welded-on racks of the Nel Lusso and the Panama Jack have a trombone-like extension thingy that makes the rack about 5" longer. It locks on ONE SIDE ONLY- the other side rattles like the bike is falling apart. Remove the extension or shim the offending side and the noise goes away.
    the Old Sgt.:detective:
  17. SdCruizer

    SdCruizer Member

    I just got a bike off walmart but did store pickup
    once I got home they sent me a credit for over $55
    all I guess is maybe thats the fee for assembly in the store as mine was still in the box
    So I walked out with a brand new bike for under $100
    cant beat that anywhere
    to bad I cant fit a motor in it
  18. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Put a friction drive on it! The dax kits fit almost anything!
  19. Lunardog

    Lunardog Member

    Ill warn about the schwinn sidewinder mountain bike. Very solid bike and with a seat change it rides nice but the frame has a large downtube from the handlebars and will cause some problems mounting an engine.
  20. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    If there's room to fit the motor, you can get u-bolt engine mounts from Sick Bike Parts or Thats Dax.