Walmart Special Cruisers.......

Karl Snarl

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7:42 PM
Sep 20, 2019
Chunky Monkey Mole Hole
When I say 'cheap' I don't mean sacrificing quality..... but more so about finding good deals. Sorta like buying a nice t-shirt that costs $10 VS a fool who buys a 'brand name' stupid t-shirt that costs $100. I like for things to make sense when spending money, unlike that fool with the $100 t-shirt. But hey, to each their own.... some of ya'll might have money trees in your backyards, in which case I don't see it being a problem splurging.
Best deals come when you buy more. An if a dealer knows you're a big buyer, they usually hook you up just for asking. Just buy in bulk. Like when I buy throttle cables, I buy like 20 at a time. I get them for way better a price, I now have back ups and a reason to build more bikes. lol. Just buy lots of stuff at a time. lol