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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 2stroker, May 12, 2012.

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    When i get a new kit the 1st thing I do is take the exhaust off and take the screen out of it. they put ir in there for the e.p.a. rating. It gets clogged up and will make your engine run weak from not being able to push out the exhaust. I took my buddies out of his and when i took the exhaust off the exhaust port was clogged with from carbon built up and oil. We took out the screen cleaned the exhaust port and it ran like it was brand new!!

    I used a part of needle nose pliers to pull it out. Be careful not to bend the metal getting the screen out. I have seen people take a screw driver and try and pry it out and they bend up there exhaust so dont try it. You can use snips to cut the screen and then pull it out or just pull it out.

    If your kit seems to be running weak and you haven't removed it yet. Try it out. My friends kit sounded worn out i pulled the screen out and it worked great! My kit is a 26cc friction drive kit. 2stroke

  2. wally

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    Huh? :) The only place I saw that screen was on the buddies 35cc weed wacker. I suspect it is there to help with flame retardation. To stop you from setting the yard on fire.
    I haven't seen it on my 66cc ChinaGurl!
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    ya im not sure if the chinagirls have em. thats why i said mine is a 26cc friction drive(weed eater). The screen gets clogged and takes away power from your engine. So me and my buddies remove ours. I haven't had any sparks fly out of mine. I noticed when i took the 1st screen out that there was nother screen that was thinner and wasnt getting clogged i think that one is for the sparks and the 1st one is for the epa rating. im not sure but i did make sure i wasnt shooting sparks everywhere that would be bad.
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    pretty much all utility engines (weedwhacker/blower/etc.) have the spark screens in the exhaust, and yes, removing a dirty/plugged screen can help performance. But, then again, so can cleaning it. If you're riding your bike off-road, though, I would recommend that you periodically check the screen, and keep it clean, instead of removing it... else you could be the source of the next big fire in your area.
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    Arizona is currently battling wildfires. Cleaning the screen and reinstalling it will keep everybody happy.
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    Part of the maintenance cycle is to clean the screen every so often.
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    Removing the screen is illegal, its not to help with E.P.A ratings its to help prevent fires from flames and sparks. Just clean it periodically it is one of those other maintenance's with 2-Strokes.
  8. 2stroker

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    I like it out the engine just runs better. I put some choreboy at the very end of the exhaust to stop sparks from flying out. Just a little bit though.
  9. motorpsycho

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    the "screen" is not a spark arrestor, it's a catelitic converter of sorts and they put it in the exhaust to meet epa standards.
    really, it's nothing more than a blockage in the exhaust that will trap unburned oil and get clogged up.

    so you're saying that removing this is illegal?
    then how come it is legal for places to sell expansion chambers and other exhausts for these engines that do not have the "screens" in them? I bought a long pipe (poo-poo) that has a muffler on it with nothing in it but a baffle.
    NONE of the expansion chambers or high performance exhausts have this "screen" in them.
    there's a big difference between a cateletic converter and a spark arrestor.
    this "screen" actually doesn't act like a cateletic converter at all. all it does is trap unburned oil to minimize it from getting spewed into the air.
    this is how they can "meet" epa standards.
    here's what the "screen" looks like.

    if you ever notice, chamsaws and weedeaters do have spark arrestor screens in the exhaust. BUT, if you look close, the exhaust is nothing more than a little box that is VERY close to the exhaust port. sparks will come out of an exhaust that is that short, so that's why they have spark arrestors.
    some 2 stroke dirt bikes did come with spark arrestors, but most just had an expansion chamber and a baffle.
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    Motophsycho last bit is how I understood the thread. :) Weed whacker, close, etc ............. :)
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    The "Screen over time after it traps enough burnt oil gets clogged and it takes power away from your engine. Thats why i remove it. Its not made to work as a cateletic converter but when it gets clogged your done. I had my exhaust port full of carbon from the screen being clogged. I had to clean out the screen and port. then the engine ran great!