want more info on jaguar c.d.i

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by pedropete91, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. pedropete91

    pedropete91 New Member

    hey im looking to buy a jaguar cdi box i have an a80 with 36t and speed carby im just wondering if i get it will i be able to hold it flat like ping it the motor for a few mins or all the time

  2. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    If your goal is to hold the engine at very high revs, no level of add on components will prevent connecting rod bearing failure.
    If treating the engine respectfully (less than 5,000 rpm), the Jaguar CDI will significantly help in extending engine life, provided the carburettor jetting is correct...
  3. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze Active Member

    Where can I get one? JN motors and Pirate Cycles are both out of stock. I need this part! I'm afraid I'm going to buzz all the bearings to death in my motor. Just replaced all of them, except the big end rod, which is a crowded needle design which seems ok.
  4. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    The crowded needle roller design is much more tolerant of taking detonation induced by the standard CDI, but it's not bullet proof if getting hammered on, day in and day out.

    Absolutely true: your rod bearings will get buzzed to death without a Jaguar CDI and even quicker if the carburettor jetting is on the lean side.

    Have no idea where to get this CDI other than JN Motors and Pirate.
    Maybe Jaguar himself will see this thread and help you out...