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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Gruesomerick, Dec 6, 2016.

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  1. Gruesomerick

    Gruesomerick Guest

    Just wondering where to buy a good exhaust system in Canada. not a stock one

  2. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    Not a lot of vendors up here.
    I was looking into importing them but way too busy now.

    This one:
    From these guys:
    Has worked surprisingly good for me as a minimal problems bolt on quiet and powerful, all for $19cdn

    Otherwise, look into pocket bike pipes or used 50-80cc MX pipes and doing some modification.

  3. KB_UK

    KB_UK Member

    He says "not a stock one" so you show him a stock one.
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  4. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

  5. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I know. You say it like one of us is an idiot...

    There is not a lot of choice in this paysage, and he wants to buy, not make.
    It just so happens this cheap little pipe is better made than it appears.
    Header goes thru to the rounded bottom, travels back up the big diameter and leaves thru the stinger mid-pipe.
    This pipe has good design behind it and while not a typical tuned pipe, works much better than the stock one.

    Kinda reminds me of the old Elan SS tuned pipe. Look at this thing:
    Header, tapered lead into the belly, rounded reflector and mid-pipe stinger. Thing of brilliance.

    Just luck? I think there is a lot of brilliance in some of the design of these motors and parts.
    The lengths are right, the diameters are right, and with very little baffling it is quiet.
    Someone knew what they were doing.

    Yeah, it looks like a stock pipe, works better.
    How do I know? I tried it up against a bunch of them.

    So, what are you bringing to the table?

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  6. Street Ryderz

    Street Ryderz Well-Known Member

    that probably is the best deal here in canada and the vender that was referred to is quick to deliver!dont get fooled by their banana pipe or the moto x pipe they both suck! The moto x one has a flex conduit that has an id of 7/16 good way to cook your engine and the banana pipe the header goes all the way to the end or bottom of chamber just like the stock pipe and the end of stinger is right beside it,every engine I have worked on with one runs hot!
  7. zippinaround

    zippinaround Active Member

    So far I haven't tried any aftermarket pipes but have noticed the difference in some of the stock ones , I made my own pipe and it was relatively easy at first exiting end of pipe (great but very loud) next exiting the centre of the belly (still great slightly quieter) I had a square header instead of rounded like most , recently cut it down a bit to try find more top rpm but it didn't work out I think because I removed one corner of the square , I think a nice pipe could be made using a stock pipe and some scrap but if you just want to buy one I've heard a kx65 pipe is good .
  8. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    please, anything but an expansion chamber which is way too loud.
    loud MB's will kill them in the long run due to laws being passed against them
  9. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    Tuned pipes come in different shapes, but can accomplish the same thing:
  10. Street Ryderz

    Street Ryderz Well-Known Member

    Here is what I found with these pipes mentioned above and why I said what I did about them!first the moto x pipe as I stated its id at the flange was 7/16 the chamber length is only 8 inches and I showed where I had tried to hog it out and only got to 10/16 and went thru the fitting garbage now!Next the banana pipe this one the outer tube over the stinger broke off and was rattling inside the chamber and over heating the engine in less then ten min,You can see the rubbing wear from the end of the outer tube floating there,also all those tubes are capped and drilled on the sides with 6mm holes down to 4mm. So not really a tuned pipe more like a curved exhaust in my opinion!Also very restricted.

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  11. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    Excellent SR! Thanks for the work and pictures.
    Glad you took the time to cut the Banana pipe apart.
    I tried one and couldn't figure out why it didn't work. I figured it must be baffled.
    Terrible baffle design, but the headpipe only could be cut off and rewelded to work without the baffles.

  12. Street Ryderz

    Street Ryderz Well-Known Member

    That is what I was thinking and adding some belly to it!
  13. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    The more I know, the more I hate the dealers. The seller of the banana pipe should be telling customers that it looks like a normal expansion chamber but isn't.
    Here's a drawing of my motorcycles original pipe. It worked very good at boosting the power and spreading it over a broad powerband. Only problem is the the chambers exit hole was starting to get smaller from carbon buildup which would make it more and more restrictive as time went on.
  14. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    I've been telling people for years that those banana pipes do jack sh*t, now I've got photo evidence
  15. BilalCarroll

    BilalCarroll New Member

  16. Street Ryderz

    Street Ryderz Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately that one is not any better!If you need longer header length the sick bike parts kit is much better.
  17. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    I have that exact pipe in chrome. Paid $35cad or about $25us for it.
    Very slightly increased power and more noise than my favorite $20cad / $15us chrome muffler from
    (oops! just noticed they have stopped selling them. No great loss)
    Available at http://www.motorizedbicycle.ca/exhaust-system/chrome-exhaust-muffler.html
    Look at some of my past post about this and the Banana pipe.

    I am working on the Banana pipe to get more out of it right now actually.
    The flange is good but the screw connector is very restrictive.I've drilled it from 15mm to 19mm and we will se how it works.

  18. GreenMantis

    GreenMantis Member

    The stock exhaust is entirely inappropriate for a 2 cycle engine, as it has no expansion chamber. I think what I want to try is this banana looking expansion chamber, but I want to chop the muffler off the end of the stock exhaust, and weld that right to the end of the banana, otherwise it'll be way too loud, and I'm not really into loud. I have had many 2 stroke dirt bikes, and that was the setup they all used: an expansion chamber with a silencer on the end of it. I'm not going to screw it up by cutting the tiny spout off the banana, either, it needs that. 2 cycle exhausts are an art: they are supposed to resonate internally in such a way that part of the blast is reflected back towards the cylinder, and they need that to run right. It needs the smaller diameter spout to speed up the exhaust flow at the outlet.

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  19. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    My weedwhacker doesn't have an expansion chamber I'm going to call them and let them know how inappropriate this is.

    I am not sure but that looks a lot like a muffler that did a bad job at behaving as a good expansion chamber.
  20. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    the banana pipe is not a normal expansion chamber. It's internals are different.
    Yes most dirt bikes have expansion chambers but they also have gears.
    A 1 gear engine needs a broad powerband. A typical expansion chamber has a 1500 - 2000 RPM powerband and it creates a 1000 RPM band of below normal power just under the pipe powerband. I now know the best design of pipe for these china girls but I haven't put it on my site yet.