want to trade 44T for 56T

So if 44T is to high, wouldn't 56T be even higher? Mountain areas need more low end power for power so maybe a 56T would be better(although I've never seen a 56T being advertised).
I can hook you up with a 50 tooth if you pay shipping both ways for the trade. I don't really need a 44 tooth... A 50 tooth is perfect for the mountains assuming they aren't bigger than the ones in Colorado and at higher altitude where you see a significant loss in engine horsepower.
No thanks. I'm sure I need at least a 56T. I have the Honda GXH50 with grubee gearbox. I wound up with the 44T sprocket because a seller of Grubee kits told me a 36T would work so I figured 44 should be plenty low enough. Evidently the area in Montana he's in is dead flat because If I put a 36T on my bike I would burn up a second clutch before I got to the end of my road. I burned the first one up because he told me they slip till you break them in. I'm at 4000 ft. ele. I'm sure I'm loosing a little power due to that and some of the hills around here are pretty steep but all the cars motorcycles and mopeds seem to get up them ok. That's why I was suprised when I couldn't go to the end of my road without pedaling. I could understand if I weighed 300 lbs. but I90 lbs. shouldn't be too much.
Oh, got it. You have a 4 stroke. The 2 strokes do fine with a 50 tooth sprocket up to 10k feet. That's the highest I've taken my bike up on a mountain :)
HI All,

If you'd like to see a 56T sprocket you can look at Easy Riders bike pics....I think it measured 9 and 1/4 inches tip to tip....Huge compared to the 36T and smaller I am used to seeing....PM me if you want to go BIG ;-)
Hope this helps