Wanted - 26", 12 ga. spokes, coaster, complete

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    I know someone out here knows where to get the deal on a new rear wheel for my cruiser. Need 26" steel rim, 12guage spokes, coaster brake. My rim is driving me crazy :ack2: - original '70's rear wheel with rusted rim around spoke holes preventing re-true. Thanks in advance

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    I bought 11 ga heavy duty wheels (both front and back) with a quality Shimano coaster from Husky Bicycles. I don't remember what just the rear cost, but together the set cost about $80 including shipping.
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    GEBE offers a nice alloy wheel like that, scroll down: http://www.bikeengines.com/orderpage2.htm
    mine's bullet-proof after 3k miles.

    and, you can find the basic steel version many places.

    ("wheel master" wheels should not be confused with "The Wheelmaster" ;) )

    WARNING: do NOT cheap out and get the "hi-stop" version, it's not worth it. you want the shimano cb-e110 hub.
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    Workman Cycles has a heavy duty 26" 2.125 wheel with a coaster(shimano) #4136A for around $75.00. They come on their industrial bikes.