Wanted ... A better Chain Tensioner

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  1. V 35

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    I wound up cutting the deadly popsicle tensioner that came with the kit, Liberating the slotted metal, and the roller. I Brazed the slotted metal in place
    and have the roller riding under the chain. Sportsman Cycle has the best tensioner going, far superior to my ' gusseted Idler ' which works great.
    No more mouse traps for me. I wish a good tensioner system existed. I'd like to see the ease of a bolt on, with the security of a weld. Perhaps more than one is needed, one at the engine, a second, at the sprocket

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    Search for "Spring tensioner" or "tensioner" on this and motorbicycling.com. There are lots of good and easy set ups. The best generic one I've seen yet is to cut a bracket to brace across the seat and chain stay, either welded on or held on with rubberized conduit straps, and a roller or derailleur pulley of your choice.

    I used the stock tensioner on the pedal side, works for single speed bikes.