Wanted a new motor kit for my bicycle

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by adealg, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. adealg

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    Hello ya'll,

    I'm new and I am interesting for GEBE motor kit, or any rear-mount motor because my bicycle have rear suspension. More interesting into performance and great in MPG that I don't have to pedaling. Any suggest? Well, nice meet ya'll! I think invest a motor on bike is the wise choice since the gas price is going up. It's time.


  2. stude13

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    hi; i had a gebe kit w/33robin for two years and recommend it highly. ck. pictures on search about wheel ring. many tie wrap the spokes at crossing point, to increase strength of wheel. good luck. mitch
  3. astring

    astring Member

    I ordered one and have been waiting a looong time to get it. But I am sure that it is coming (they called and told me it was taking a loong time to fill orders). Anyway measure 8 1/2 inches from rear axel and see if a credit card (lengthwise ) will fit between the rear forks (up and down). If not it will not work.
  4. adealg

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    Any websites do now have PF-3300 32cc Tanaka PureFire 2-Stroke?

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I read many threads and I am more interesting into PF-4000 40cc Tanaka PureFire 2-Stroke the MPG seems pretty satisfied to me. I am disappointed about PF-3300 32cc Tanaka PureFire 2-Stroke is OUT OF STOCK TILL EARLY OF AUG... :(