Wanted: Analog Speedometer Cable...

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by JohnnyLoves, May 23, 2008.

  1. JohnnyLoves

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    I have in my possession a very old but extremely reliable Huffy Analog Speedometer from the 50's. I know it works great because I've used it since I put the engine on the bike. The problem I ran into was the original cable snapped due to spot rust where the vinyl was worn.

    Does anyone have a spare cable lying around from a speedo they may have bought but doesnt work anymore?

    The modern analogs sold on ebay arent the same quality as this one, which is why I dont want to just replace the whole unit.

  2. mcassMB6

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    Johnny- going old school? Awesome. You may want to check some old exercise bikes that people are tossing out this time of year. Just a thought.

    I went to Libby's and got a DOT SNELL helmet for myself after school yesterday afternoon. Then came home, fixed (I thought) my tensioner issues and took a ride. I rode about 5 miles, got to the short beach post office, and my rear wheel locked up on me. (Tensioner issue again).

    Plus...my clutch cable is too loose...I couldn't engage/disengage the engine. So, sadly I had to call the wife to come pile me and the bike into the Honda Fit.

    So, my weekend is going to be spend working some bugs out. Happy Trails....any bike issues? Still running okay? I haven't seen you around since Wednesday's security breach.

  3. JohnnyLoves

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    I was actually thinking about riding over to Harley Davidson to check out their stock this afternoon.

    Let me know if you need any help fixing anything.

    As for the bike issues, all has been fixed, the bike works beautifully! I even got that 18V light hooked up to it yesterday. I'm still looking to get the speedo, mirrors and hopefully a sproket tensioner hooked up by monday.