Wanted... any used horizontal shaft engines


ANY make or model horizontal shaft engine!

I will not disvriminate, let me know about ANY you may have!
I have some briggs and honda horizontal shaft engines. they are slightly used. the 3.5 hp honda is nice. It has less than 100 hours on it. it doesnt look pretty due to concrete on it
ive got motors .

hello ,
over the years i have colected lots of motors , i always have new motors , mostly scooter motors , right now i have two 36cc mitsubishi motors with electric start , , one 49cc mitsubishi with electric start . then for used motors , keep in mind thiese used motors are mainly ive kept around for parts , so they may be missing a few pieces , but i hve at least 15 used motors from tanaka , to 35cc four strokes , not really looking to get rid of them . but if ther was something you needed i'm sure i can help just let me know . ,
I have a 4hp Tecumseh . These types were used on minibikes, go carts, etc.


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i just picked up a cag 49cc hp motor . anyone know what way that motor rotates ? its in the mail . its gonna be my winter project. i was thinking maybe a hover bike . may be spinning rims will act as a gyro to help keep the thing straight , i think that's how they st ear rockets . hmmmm..and that probably a different thread