Wanted cheap suspension forks

i have some rockshox that may help you

Hi fb67.
yeah rock shox , black and grey, great compression.
Very good condition.
I was going to ebay them for $50
$30 if you like.
Im at Henley Beach South-Adelaide 5022
P.M me if your interested.

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Hi sounds good, How long is the steer tube??
Are they 1&1/8"??
I'm at Enfield. If all is ok I'll grab them for $30
Thanks Gilbert
Rock Shox Suspension forks

yep 1'1/8 DIA + 175mm steer tube.

If i dont answer phone ,
just try again a little later, im driving or riding..

Hers a pic of the forks
Regards Jase


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I have some cheep ones off of a mongoose I can sell you for like 25 pluss shipping extra.
read his post again guys
he's in australia
I don't think he is looking for any yankee parts :LOL:
for the shipping, he could buy a whole bike :LOL:
Hey, Where in Oz are you?

I have a complete bike you can have for $45 bux of you want. It's missing the front wheel, and the rear is not the original from the bike, but the forks are there, and they are good. It's a front and rear suspension bike,
I'm in Sydney let me know if interested.
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The steer tube was to short for fatboy67's application
he needs a 195mm steer tube . X 1'1/8 dia.

Any body else in Adelaide want the RockShox, before they goto ebay?
They are 1'1/8 DIA + 175mm steer tube.$25