Wanted: Derringer Cycles Type Gas Tank

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  1. atomicmiata

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    I think it is made by General Moped and HandyBikes.com used to have it in stock but no longer. Does anyone know of another source for this part?


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  2. ocscully

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    Moped Army?

    I'd try posting your wants/needs over at http://www.mopedarmy.com Your more likley to get a positive response there.

  3. atomicmiata

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    good idea!

    thanks. I will try that...
  4. atomicmiata

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    Derringer Cycles style gas tank source

    yes handybikes.com has them in stock still, but not listed on their website.
    you will need to call them at 614-299 0550 ask for BJ in parts.
    they do not have the gas caps in stock which are a flip-type.
    derringer cycles is cutting out the fliptop part and welding in screw type cap I believe.
    so I will do the same.
    petcock can be sourced from Yamaha QT50 model.

    thanks all!