Wanted: factory carb for Honda GXH50 engine

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by rich1608, Sep 1, 2011.

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    Has anyone got a new or nearly new standard factory carb for a Honda GXH50 engine they would be prepared to sell? I need one for a Honda EX7 generator - I stripped mine down not knowing that Honda use a suicide screw to hold the throttle disc on the shaft and it stripped the thread when I took it out. And of course you can't buy a new throttle shaft on its own...

    My carb is a BF30D A spec and you can see pics + dimensions of the throttle shaft here tinyurl.com/3rld59 As long as the throttle shaft is the same it doesn't matter if other bits are different.

    Now I know how these are put together I figure that if I carefully drill the head off the screw in another carb I can turn the threaded part clockwise and get it out the back without stripping the thread in the shaft :)

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  2. darwin

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    Go to DAXs site the carb he sells is better than oem.
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    Perhaps you could drill and tap the hole in the old shaft to the next larger screw size (either metric or inch - whichever is just a tad bit bigger than the stripped hole). You DO have to get the butterfly to seat squarely in the bore of the carburetor, but other than that, pretty much anything goes.

    Even a NUT AND BOLT of the original size would work, but I'd only want to do that if there wasn't enough meat in the shaft to risk enlarging the hole any.

    When done, I would be sure to PEEN OVER THE END OF THE SCREW so that it can't vibrate out though!
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