wanted front hub ebike kit

ive been searching alot none on ebay?must not know ebike lingo,saw a bunch from kings motor bikes for 150 bucks but there sold out.i dont want a good one as i wont be using it hardly only if i get pulled over by the cops!someone upgrading or not happy with there speed whatever ill buy it!i already have a great motor so dont need it for driving hope you understand thanx.


Apr 24, 2007
I understand you're not looking to spend much (who is, these days? :p )copy/paste this: 200124418345 into the eBay search box
front hub 36v, 600watt. 150bux + 30 shipping. BUT it still has 9 bidding days, so price will probably go up.
Have you tried the "Resources" tab, below eBay box? there's a pretty good list of reputable vendors we're friends with, and with that many, somebody might have what thou areth seeking. and in the 'ads by Google' bar, i saw some there.
Also, have you scoped out Craigslist? I didnt see any for sale up your way, but you can always post a "Wanted".
And somebody around here just might be upgrading soon, too. good luck.
Happy :mrgreen: